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Ambient Air Monitoring

Air pollution remains a visible and persistent issue of global concern.  And ambient air quality is of increasing interest to regulators, particularly in densely populated areas where emissions from vehicles, process industries, mining operations, and landfills can lead to adverse health risks and unsightly smog and haze, as well as global warming. 

Licence conditions for public and private industrial, construction, and roads projects often reflect the government’s need to understand, control, and report the overall air quality condition at the ground level.

Norditech has many years of experience monitoring various pollutants and meteorological parameters in the areas surrounding point source emissions.  We design and operate ambient air quality monitoring networks for public and private industry clients.

Our Approach

At the start of every project, our primary objective is to understand our client’s needs.  We then recommend feasible, smart solutions that balance your compliance goals and project budget.  Depending on your project scope, those solutions may range from site assessment, project management, and design and installation, through to maintenance, data acquisition, validation, and reporting.

We follow the applicable Australian and USEPA Standards for siting and sampling methods of ambient air and meteorological monitoring parameters, taking into consideration factors such as terrain, emission sources, availability of services, and site security.  

To help our clients achieve long-term data compliance, we install robust equipment that operates reliably in harsh environmental conditions.  

Our custom-designed systems are fully integrated and tested in our factory and then installed on site by a qualified engineer. This ensures the proper workmanship and system integration to perfectly match your project requirements.

Monitoring Equipment and Methods

Ambient air quality monitoring typically includes point source systems and/or open path air quality sensors.  Through our exclusive distributorship with world leading suppliers, Norditech offers the latest in these technologies.  We provide real-time, continuous monitoring solutions for gaseous pollutants, plume and aerosol tracking, airborne particulates/dusts, and fugitive gases in ambient air.

Our hands-on field experience with applicable monitoring methods and technologies includes:

  • Ambient gas analysers: point source - particulate/dust samplers and analysers
  • Optical Remote Sensing (ORS) technology: open path - Lidar and tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS)
  • Meteorological monitoring equipment

Our field engineers are trained to maintain environmental monitoring systems to the highest standards.  We ensure compliance with all applicable standards and regulatory requirements: NATA, Australian Standards, and USEPA.

Parameters Monitored

We have experience monitoring all ambient air quality parameters and applications.  Depending on the nature of your project, they may include:

  • Gaseous pollutants: NOX, NO, NO2,SO2, O3, CO, CO2, and VOC
  • Particulates/Dust monitoring: PM1, PM2.5, PM10, and TSP
  • Meteorological: wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure

At Norditech, our priority is to deliver the highest possible standards of ambient air quality monitoring services for your long-term project success.

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