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Mini MPL

The MiniMPL is the first lidar in the market which has all the electronics integrated with optics in one single box. It is contained in a 24x30x48 cm enclosure, allowing a single operator to easily manage the 13 kg weight of the full instrument. All of these features make it ideal for fast field deployment.


At the same time, MiniMPL inherits almost all of the attractive optical design features of MPL, such as a stable optical train and a fiber-coupled detector. It is optimized for the near range (0-15 km) of the atmosphere, and is therefore well suited Atmospheric Boundary Layer (ABL) measurements.


Our standard package includes depolarization measurement, very useful in identifying pollution aerosol with different shapes (dust pollution). An optional scanner, capable of 360 degree scanning, is ideal to create a two-dimensional aerosol/plume/pollution map of a city or urban area.



  • Vertical aerosol distribution and trends
  • Cloud structure and phase
  • Air pollution monitoring
  • Plume and dust tracking
  • Planetary boundary layer
  • Volcanic ash observation


  • High resolution aerosol profiling
  • Optically robust, resistant to misalignments
  • Low maintenance, optimised laser
  • Eye safe (ANSI class II)
  • Continuous, autonomous data collection
  • Operational in minutes


  • Range resolution: 5/15/30/75 m (software programmable)
  • Minimum range: 150 m
  • Accumulation time: 1 sec - 15 min
  • Detection range: up to 15 km
  • Polarization standard
  • Scanning optional
  • Laser wavelength 532 nm
  • Lase pulse energy: 3-4 uJ @4000 Hz
  • ANSI Z136.1 2000, IEC 60825
  • Receiver diameter: 80 mm
  • Pulse laser diode: long life diode - 10,000 hours
  • Detector is fiber coupled and user replaceable
  • Size (mm): 318 x 216 x 495
  • Weight: 12 kg
  • Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Computer Interface: USB
  • Data transfer: LAN ethernet
  • Operating temperature: -10 to 40 C with NEMA 4 enclosure
  • Humidity: 0-100% with NEMA 4 enclosure
  • Power supply: 100/240 V AC 50-60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 100 W