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SAM-WI (iséo)

Data acquisition system (iséo)

Developed by company iséo, specialist in the environmental market, the SAM-WI Data Acquisition System belongs to the SAM ARGOPOL™ range. Robust, reliable and modular, these systems are dedicated to environmental metrology.



 Ambient air


  • Manages the acquisition of data originating from various measuring devices
  • Pilots the instruments and ensures they are operating correctly
  • Sets a Quality Code to each produced measurement
  • Records all events
  • Detects the dysfunctions of the instrumentation
  • Supervises the measured levels
  • Signals any over threshold


  • Acquisition of instantaneous measurements at a programmable frequency ranging from 5 seconds up to 24 hours
  • Management of the metrological context: analysers' parameters and internal defects, technical measurements, external signals (door open, flow, etc.) 
  • Controls of lower and higher validity limits, sensitivity threshold, immobility, slope and follow-up of peak episodes
  • Management of power-up and analysers maintenance mode (pre-heating parameter setting, automatic calibration)
  • Variable aggregation period
  • Variable aggregation period
  • Data aggregation kinds: arithmetic mean, vector average, sum, linearization, unit conversion
  • Association of a quality code to each value
  • Evaluation of quality indicators for each data: min, max, standard deviation, the number of over-thresholds, data representativity
  • Calculations of the number of consecutive over-thresholds for values or of moving average to detect alarms (6 thresholds)