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Model 2010D Gas Dilution Calibrator Portable, Bench, Rack

The 2010D Intelligent Gas Dilution Calibrator can easily perform gas dilution, multi-source gas blending, ozone and gas phase titration (GPT – NO + O3 to generate NO2) for environmental, laboratory, or point source monitoring.
The Model 2010D represents the latest generation of calibrator technology for environmental, laboratory or point source monitoring. The unit has two internal mass flow controllers (MFC’s), with options for an internal Ozone generator and a photometer
(5.25 inches high and weighing less than 25 lbs).
The Model 2010D calibrator uses embedded microprocessor technology to precisely deliver and control gas concentrations along multiple curve fits to linearize the desired outputs for the intended purpose. The unit can be operated manually, automatically, or semi-automatically by remote access. It also has the capability to produce and store in memory 20 calibration sequences with up to 20 levels of source/dilution in each sequence.
Users can choose either the front panel membrane keypad, external keyboard, serial port, or Ethernet to input calibration sequences.
The instrument’s pneumatic system uses Mass Flow Controllers to precisely meter gas streams and implements multiple types of curve correction algorithms to linearize calibrations. A second source MFC can be added for a wider dynamic range or trace level applications. An optional second source MFC with blending allows user-performed interferent testing and evaluation.
Calibrator design exceeds US EPA calibration method requirements. Dilution components are calibrated with standards and test equipment traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
Sabio’s calibrators allow the user to view the value of NO2 generated during GPT and displays the dilution of all gases present when using a multi-blend cylinder.

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