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AccuSafe – For continuous gas monitoring at one or more points

AccuSafe – For continuous gas monitoring at one or more points Click Picture for Larger AccuSafe Control Unit Image Interscan’s AccuSafe takes the familiar “Point sensor reporting to a controller” design approach to the next level. AccuSafe consists of up to ten sensor modules reporting to a single controller. Since the communications are Modbus TCP/IP, there is no limit on the distance between sensor modules and the controller. (Modbus RTU is also available.) What’s more, each sensor module is provided with an integral sample draw pump, for a quicker and more reliable response. And, data acquisition is built right in. No additional software is needed. Temperature and relative humidity sensors are also included. Remote annunciators are also available. As an option, the Sensor Unit can be provided with an integral concentration display and alarm indicators. In this configuration, the Sensor Unit can become a stand-alone gas detector. This is perfect for single-point applications in which a full Controller is not required. Parametric search and print your own specific data sheet, for all AccuSafe models.


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