Smart environmental monitoring solutions

About Norditech

Norditech’s engineering and technical team is dedicated to delivering the highest quality environmental monitoring systems and services.

Our expertise enables us to provide a comprehensive range of air and water quality monitoring services to clients in the public and private sectors including mining, local government, transport, water, cement, glass manufacturing, and energy generation.

We have earned a loyal client base ranging from small water utilities to major mining operations through our commitment to providing smart solutions that focus on long-term equipment reliability.

As an Australian owned and operated, we understand the intricacies of regulatory issues facing compliance managers across the public, private, and industrial sectors. Using our expertise, we advise our clients on the most efficient ways to maintain regulatory compliance.

We are best known for our commitment to first understand each client’s needs. We deliver tailored, innovative solutions and services that meet the requirements of operating licences while meeting project budgets.


Environmental Monitoring Technology
Engineering and Manufacturing

We custom design and engineer a solution for your needs, using top quality brands so that you get equipment that integrates with your environment and processes. Read more

System integration
System Integration

You could have the world’s best monitoring equipment, but if it’s integrated badly, it’ll work inefficiently, take longer to service, and cost you more in the long-run. Read more

Operation and maintenance
Operations and Maintenance

Well-maintained equipment lasts longer, performs better, increases data accuracy, supports compliance, and is less likely to require expensive emergency repairs or increase your operational costs. Read more

Data Reports - Cover
Data Reports

The right data in the right format is key to staying compliant, monitoring your sites, understanding instrument performance, and more. Read more

Repair and calibration
Repair and Calibration

These days, too many technicians are quick to replace costly parts and electronic boards without taking the time to find the root cause of the problem. Read more

Monitoring System Audits

Experiencing regular breakdowns or critical alarms from your monitoring system? Operators lost confidence in your data? It’s time for a monitoring system audit.
Read more

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