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Expert environmental monitoring solutions for mining companies facing increasingly strict regulations


Environmental Monitoring Solutions for Mining Operations

Mining companies are subject to ever stricter environmental regulation which requires them to monitor, manage and report the pollutants associated with their operations. Depending on whether the site is open cut or underground and the specific licence conditions issued by the regulator, monitoring may be required for a range of environmental variables including air quality and water. In terms of air quality, the regulator may require hydrocarbons, Diesel particulates matter, VOCs, particulates, fugitive emissions, hydrocarbons and greenhouse gases to be monitored and reported. In terms of water parameters including pH, temperature, nitrate/nitrite, total dissolved solids (TDS) and total organic carbon (TOC) may need to be monitored and reported. In some cases the regulator may require the use of continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS).

Exceedance of emission or concentration limits and non-compliance with licence requirements can result in more intense regulatory scrutiny, fines or shutdown at their discretion. For this reason, it is critical to have a monitoring system you can rely on.

Norditech has decades of experience designing and maintaining tailored environmental monitoring programs/systems for mine sites across Australia, including air quality, water quality, particulate and gas analysers and equipment shelters. Our clients operate 24/7 and require a support system which includes a rapid-response technical team they can depend on.

We know that a robust, reliable solution is vital to the ongoing operation of your mine site and your peace of mind.


Our Approach

At the start of every project, our primary objective is to understand our client’s needs.  We then recommend feasible, smart solutions that balance your compliance goals and project budget. Depending on your project scope, those solutions may range of services such as design and installation, maintenance, project management, data acquisition, validation, and reporting.

Mine sites need sophisticated monitoring equipment that can operate 24 hours a day in sometimes extreme environmental conditions. Reliability and low maintenance are our primary criteria when selecting the environmental monitoring solution for your site.

Our field engineers have a high level of expertise with environmental monitoring systems, and we offer a complete range of application specific products that maximise operating efficiency and reduce your maintenance costs.

Norditech’s custom-designed systems are fully integrated and tested in our factory and then installed on site by qualified engineers. This ensures that you receive the level of workmanship and system integration that perfectly matches your project requirements.


Monitoring Equipment and Methods

Our hands-on field experience with environmental monitoring methods and technologies includes all required components:

  • Air quality/particulate analysers
  • Water Quality Monitors
  • Real Time Gas Monitors
  • Portable Gas Monitors
  • Diesel Particulate Monitoring
  • NATA Calibrations
  • Bore Hole Monitoring
  • Custom built equipment shelters
  • Data acquisition and management systems

Our field engineers are trained to maintain environmental monitoring systems to the highest standards. We ensure compliance with all applicable NATA, Australia/New Zealand and USEPA standards and regulatory requirements.


Parameters Monitored

We are experienced in monitoring a broad range of parameters for our mining clients including the following:

  • Environmental monitoring
  • Fence line monitoring
  • PM10
  • PM2.5
  • DPM
  • Dust monitoring
  • CO
  • CH4
  • H2S
  • LEL
  • CO
  • pH, ORP DO TDS, TSS, Conductivity, salinity, Depth and Temperature

Operation and maintenance services for your mine site

Norditech provides operation and maintenance services to ensure your mine site and production run smoothly. We develop customised maintenance schedules based on your equipment, operating environment, and your needs. Our experienced technicians perform regular inspections, cleaning, and calibration of your equipment to ensure they are operating within specified parameters. We provide on-call corrective maintenance services to quickly identify and address any issues.

We also offer remote monitoring services, which allow us to identify potential problems before they become issues, minimising downtime and reducing maintenance costs. Our ongoing reporting service ensures that you comply with regulatory requirements

Contact us today to learn more about our environemntal monitoring systems and maintenance services for your mine site.


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