Smart environmental monitoring solutions

About Norditech

Norditech delivers innovative solutions that meet your budgets and satisfy operating licence conditions.

Our expertise

air quality monitoring
Ambient Air Quality Monitoring

Air pollution remains a visible and persistent issue of global concern that affects our health and the environment.Read more

Continious Emission Monotoring
Continuous Emissions Monitoring

Public and private industrial operations from mining to landfills are under increasing pressure to control, monitor, and mitigate stack air pollution.Read more

environmental monitoring experts
Tube Bundle Gas Monitoring System

Norditech is a leading expert in designing, manufacturing and maintaining state-of-the-art ANZEx Certified tube bundle gas monitoring systems.
Read more

Environmental Monitoring Technology
Roads, Tunnels & Transport

With an unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation, Norditech has earned a reputation as a leading service provider in the tunnel industry.
Read more

Environmental Monitoring
Process Monitoring and Optimisation

From power generation to food processing, process monitoring and optimisation play a crucial role in ensuring the effectiveness of operations. Read more

Dust and Particle Monitoring
Particulates Monitoring

We offer real-time dust monitoring systems in various form factors, both for temporary and long-term monitoring programs. Read more

Advanced Environmental Monitoring

Mining companies are subject to ever stricter environmental regulation which requires them to monitor, manage and report the pollutants associated with their operations. Read more

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Indoor air pollution, or indoor air quality (IAQ) problems, are caused by primary pollutant sources and inadequate ventilation. Read more

Water Quality Monitoring
Water Quality Monitoring

Norditech currently operates and maintains water quality monitoring sites for government and private sector clients across Australia.Read more

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