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Accurate and Timely Data Reporting Services

Maintaining compliance, monitoring site activities, and assessing instrument performance all rely on timely and accurate data presented in the right format. Norditech, offers a comprehensive reporting service that covers data collection, daily screening, validation, and report generation. Our reports are presented in an easy-to-understand format, ensuring clarity and conciseness

Led by a technical manager with over 20 years’ experience in reporting and field work, Norditech’s data reporting team will ensure all your reporting requirements are met. Not only that, but our reporting and validation staff work closely with technicians to ensure any issues are identified and responded to quickly. This proactive approach helps to minimise downtime, reduce costs, and ensure that your operations run smoothly.

Our typical data report includes:

  • Project background & executive summary
  • Compliance limits & goals
  • Monitoring equipment & system components
  • Monitoring site details
  • Standards compliance
  • Above goal readings
  • Data availability rates
  • Calibration & maintenance history
  • Calibration reports
  • Tabulated representation of data, including statistical monthly/daily summaries
  • Graphical representation of data, including wind roses, column charts, line charts & scatter plots
  • Data validation table describing instances where data has been removed from the data set
  • Full validated data in the format you require

We can also produce reports with data formatted to your licence and operational requirements, including ambient (NEPM guidelines), EPL (Environmental Protection Licence), and road tunnel monitoring (length-of-tunnel averaging). And we can produce periodical reports to suit your requirements, whether every month, every 6 months, or every year.


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  • Better Quality
  • Custom Solutions
  • Durable Products
  • Fast 24/7 Support
  • Technical Expertise
  • Flexibility
  • Value
  • End-to-End Servicing

Our Data Reporting Process

Norditech follows the requirements of AS3580.19 Ambient air quality data validation and reporting, along with other relevant standards or procedures. As such, our reporting process includes:

Data Collection

We automatically acquire raw data from monitoring sites at fixed intervals via secured cellular, satellite, or wired network connection

Data Storage

This raw data is stored in our data reporting software database. For traceability purposes, a duplicate of the dataset is stored in a non-editable database.

Daily Data Screening

We use automated data screening filters to detect and notify technicians of potential site issues as they occur. Plus, our experienced data analyst meticulously reviews all parameters for anomalies (like drift, noise, and calibration tolerances) every day, and reports any faults for priority action.

Data Validation

Before generating a report, we again carefully inspect data for anomalies to confirm validity. If we need to remove any invalid data from the data set or make adjustments (within the allowances of relevant standards), we’ll include an explanation in the report.

Draft Report & Review

All reports are reviewed by a signatory before release, providing a third review of the data to ensure any errors or missed data anomalies are picked up — and to reduce the likelihood of reissued reports. Plus, we offer the option of a draft report for client approval prior to this.

Final Report & Storage

Once ready, the final report is emailed to all relevant parties on or before the agreed upon due date. All collected data is retained in our database for a minimum of four years.


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