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Audit Your Monitoring System to Uncover Hidden Problems and Optimise Performance


Comprehensive Monitoring System Audit

Experiencing regular breakdowns or critical alarms from your monitoring system? Operators lost confidence in your data? It’s time for a monitoring system audit.

Monitoring system problems can lead to significant downtime, fines, and inefficiencies. The cause can be as simple as a failing component, or as complex as a fundamental design flaw. A comprehensive system audit is needed to identify what’s going on so that you can implement the right strategies to fix your system and avoid future problems.

Norditech’s expert technicians can help. Our cost-effective monitoring system audit service is:

  • Flexible – We can audit any type of monitoring system, regardless of the brand or complexity.
  • Comprehensive – We look at relevant schematics, operating conditions, specs, system design, maintenance, historical data, and more.
  • Practical – You get a detailed report that outlines each issue and recommendations to improve your system’s performance and reliability.

Following the audit, you’ll have the insights you need to streamline performance, minimise downtime, improve compliance, and ensure accurate data records.


Why Choose Norditech

  • Better Quality
  • Custom Solutions
  • Durable products
  • Fast 24/7 Support
  • Technical Expertise
  • Flexibility
  • Value
  • End-to-end Servicing

Our Audit Process

Schematics Review

Our technicians will examine the relevant schematics, both electrical and fluidic.

Operating Conditions Review

We look at environmental and process operating conditions to better understand the context your system is operating in.

Specs Review

We audit the overall design of the system to understand how it was set up, and whether this could be causing any issues.

Maintenance Practices Review

We audit the maintenance practices and review the maintenance log to understand what maintenance has been done and whether it was on schedule.

Historical Data Review

We look at the available data, to better understand any issues and why they might be occuring.

Spare Parts Review

We examine the spare parts and make an inventory, ensuring the correct supplies are on hand in case they are needed.


Following the audit, we issue a comprehensive report that outlines all the issues found and recommends strategies to improve the performance and reliability of your system.


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