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Autonomous Networks of Sensor-Based Mini Stations


Cairnet® device is a real-time standalone and networkable air-monitoring station including up to six Cairsens® microsensors. It is powered by solar panels and offers cellular communication.

Thanks to its integrated manifold allowing dynamic sampling, the measures are accurate and reliable. Electronic compounds are sealed & protected from moisture and corrosive ambient air.

Compact, easily deployable, and autonomous thanks to its solar panels and battery, Cairnet® enables you to cost-effectively monitor dust and gas and gives a complete picture of the environmental impact of your operations.

It offers unprecedented flexibility in producing accurate and dynamic air quality measurements across a broad range of industries and applications. “Real-time continuous measurement and monitoring of up to 6 gaseous and particulate pollutants simultaneously, among: H2S/CH4S, NH3, nmVOC, O3+NO2, NO2, CO, SO2, PM10, PM2.5 & PM1”

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  • Measurement of environmental parameters: temperature, relative humidity, and pressure
  • Plug & Play Network: automatic pairing (Cairsens® / Cairnet® / Caircloud®)
  • Dynamic sampling and improved protection against moist and/or corrosive environments
  • Optional: Ultrasonic anemometer to measure wind direction and speed. Autonomous
    thanks to its integrated solar panel and battery
  • Automated data saving (micro SD card) and push: no consequence in case of lost
    communication service
  • Communication frequency and measured data volume adapted automatically to the
    autonomy of the station
  • Very high sensitivity to capture low-level gas and particulate concentrations
  • Modular, easy to use, and move on-site: no cables
  • Cairnet® requires only annual maintenance: when sensors should be renewed
  • Operating cost savings: process adjustment & Improvement of local communication
    (neighbors & authorities)
  • Possibility to set up hybrid AQMS networks (reference stations & mini-stations)

Independent reviewers, including the European JRC (Joint Research Council) and the US-EPA, have determined the accuracy, linearity, limits of detection, and precision of Cairsens® as very good when compared with reference devices. Further studies with NASA have shown very good agreement with reference measurements.

  • Odor monitoring: WWTP, recycling, pulp and paper manufacturing, sewerage treatment facilities, refineries
  • Indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring: smart cities, road-side & tunnels, schools, airports, ship terminals…
  • Process leak detection and monitoring of fugitive emissions: quarries, storage facilities, mines, manufacturing plants
  • Forecasting of industrial fence line emissions
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Health and safety: mines, industrial sites, construction
  • Mapping and modeling pollution sources

Measurable Parameters

Certified detection
limit (ppb)*
O3 / NO20-250201A40-0406
S / CH4S
PM10/PM2.5/PM10-1,000 µg/m3<5 µg/m30.01 µg/m3A40-0414

Technical Specifications

Power supply8 to 30 V DC / 2.5 A or battery (included)
Battery included3.7 V – 22 Ah, Li-Ion rechargeable on 18VDC / 2A or via solar pannels (option)
Solar Panels Kit (option)27 Watts. Mounting bracket included
Control & Data Treatment BoardInternal microprocessor for data acquisition, power and communication management, etc.
Embedded Real-Time-Clock (auto-adjusted at every communication)
Wireless communicationCellular technology LTE – 3G / 4G or more (SIM card optional for European countries, not
provided for other countries)
Regulatory compliance: R&TTE directive 1999/5/EC, Japan JRF/JPA – FCC – IC
Data storage• Internal storage on micro SD card of all data in case of loss of cellular communication
• Cairsens® internal memory
MountingFixation kit for pole (⌀50 mm max ) included.
Dimensions of the Cairnet® housing with fixation kit & antenna300 x 215 x 257 mm (L x H x W)
Dimensions of the solar Panels with its fixation kit800 x 410 x 100 mm (L x H x W)
Weight of the Cairnet® housing4 Kg
Environmental using conditions-20°C to +50°C / RH 10% to 90%
Option: ultrasonic anemometer
(article code A40-0220)
Wind speed:
• Range: 1 – 40 m/s
• Sensitivity: 0.13 m/s
Wind direction:
• Range: 0 – 359°
• Sensitivity: +/- 1.5°
• Battery 600mA / 3.2 mV rechargeable via solar panel (integrated)
• Autonomy: 7 days
• Weight & size (sensor head + tube): 290 g / ø 64 mm – height 400 mm
• IP67 Rating

Technical Data

Cellular communication characteristics:

  • Technology and frequency bands: LTE (1800, 2100, 2600 MHz), WCDMA (800,1700, 2100 MHz), GPRS/Edge (850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz)
  • Regulatory compliance: R&TTE directive 1999/5/EC Japan JRF/JPA – FCC – IC


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