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Automatic Mercury Monitoring in Air and Gases


The MMS comprises a multiplexer-valve unit and a highly accurate and selective mercury detector (VM-3000 Vapor Monitor) for measurements in air and other gases

Each mercury on-line system will differ in sample characteristics as well as installation conditions and operating environment. We have the experience to design systems that fully meet the requirements of your particular mercury monitoring task.


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  • Low maintenance
  • Insensitive to water vapors
  • High stability, fast response time
  • Monitors 2 to 24 measuring points automatically
  • Versions for air, hydrogen, and other gases available
  • Permanent purging of all sample lines
  • Measuring ranges from 0.01 µg/m³ to 2000 µg/m³ Hg
  • Software for data acquisition, data visualization, and storage
  • Automatic Calibration Module
  • Special version with UT-3000 Ultratracer available

  • Chlor-alkali plants with mercury cells
  • Metallurgical industry
  • Fluorescent lamp production or recycling
  • Battery recycling plants
  • Contaminated sites
  • Hydrogen production plants
  • Laboratories or processing plants working with mercury
  • Gold mines
  • Natural gas industry (see product MMS-NG for natural gas systems)
Technical specifications
Measuring principlecold vapor atomic absorption (CVAAS) at 253.7 nm
UV-SourceElectrodeless low-pressure mercury lamp (EDL)
Stabilization methodReference beam method
Optical cellFused silica (Suprasil), l: approx. 230mm, heated approx. 45°
Measured component:Total Gaseous Mercury (TGM)
Measuring ranges1 – 100; 1- 1000; 1 – 2000 µg / m³
Measuring duration45 sec – 99 minutes, separately adjustable for each channel
Sample flowapprox 80l/h per channel
Heating of valve unitapprox. 70 °C
Technical Data
Signal outputs: analogue4-20 mA; serial: RS 232; Modbus RTU (optional); Ethernet (optional)
Status output3 x pairs of relay contacts (dry contacts)
Max. sample temperature65 °C
Operating temperature0 – 40 °C
Power supply230 VAC / 50 Hz (110 VAC / 60 Hz option)
Power consumptionmax. 500 – 750 VA; depending on the number of channels and optional equipment
Cabinetmetal, protection standard IP 55 (NEMA 4X, others optional)
Dimensions (W x H x D)from 553 x 600 x 500 mm (WxHxD) to 800 x 2000 x 600 mm; depending on number of channels and optional equipment (air conditioning)
Weightapprox. 35 – 175 kg; depending on the number of channels and optional equipment
  • Our products are manufactured according to the ISO 9001 quality regulations.
  • CE approved


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