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XR: Data acquisition and handling system for the air quality monitoring networks

XR: Data acquisition and handling system for the air quality monitoring networks

The XR software centralizes and treats all of your Air quality monitoring data. It offers a whole range of tools for data treatment and distribution in addition to monitor the quality of the entire measurement chain.

  • Centralization of all data and information issued the by air quality measurement system (gas, particles, meteorological data…) Data validation including an option for automatic data validation
  • Control, configure and manage the ensemble of the measurement chain (acquisition systems, devices, communication systems)
  • Technical monitoring of all installed hardware (management of automatic calibrations, maintenance schedules, control cards…)
  • Traceability of data, events, and technical information
  • Detection and alert of all events (malfunctions, pollution incidents etc.)
  • Integrated reporting tool with automatic report generation and export in multiple formats (ExcelTM, XML, csv, txt,…)


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  • Acquisition, processing and display of any type of environmental data: gas and dust analysers, meteorological sensors, samplers, …
  • Advanced tools for statistics, validation and reports
  • Advanced control of the measurement chain
  • Exclusive system ofautomatic data validation
  • Input and import of analysis results
  • Traceability and high availability of the raw and validated data
  • Available for multiple Windows™ or Linux platforms
  • Architecture : Client Server
  • Number of workstations :Unlimited (depending on license)
  • Number of monitoring stations managed : Unlimited (depending on license)


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