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GWF Sonico Edge

Static Water Meter

4D technology® measures best in class high and low flows (DN50: Start flow 0.005 m3/h, >90 m3/h). Immediate detection of leakages and network errors, suitable for fire flow.

Maximum installation flexibility. Reliable measurements over the full flow range, independent of installation conditions. No straight runs needed even with 90° elbows, valves or pumps.

Accuracy by design: 4D technology® maximizes turndown ratio to R1000. Highest accuracy across the entire flow profile leads to a cutting edge dynamic range.

Homogeneous 4D-shape measuring pipe with dry sensors and no obstacles or cavities. Minimal pressure loss enhances high flow capability and minimizes operating costs. Dry sensors lead to increased meter lifetime, reliability and dirt resistance.

Three independent NFC communication slots for local area and wide area connectivity. Various communication standards supported.


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