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Sample Gas Cooler (Peltier)

  • For operation in Ex-Zone 1 or 2
  • For extractive gas analysis
  • For emission and process monitoring
  • Continuous drying of sample gas to a precise low and constant outlet dew point
  • Minimizes water vapor cross sensitivities and volumetric errors

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  • New extremely powerful modular designed compact construction
  • One or two independant gas paths
  • New JHEX-4 heat exchanger construction in different materials
  • Intelligent digital control electronic for each gas path
  • Digital temperature display
  • Applicable at an ambient temperature of 50 °C
  • Integrated condensate pump as option
  • Integrated condensate monitoring as option
  • Status contact for temperature threshholds as well as for condensate alarm
  • Visual alerting via LEDs and digital display
  • Self monitoring with deactivation of the external sample pump in case of alarm
  • Ready for operation within less than 15 minutes
  • Passive Pre-Cooler


  • Very powerful compact complete unit with condensate removal and monitoring
  • High flow rates of up to 250 Nl/h per gas path
  • Very low wash out ratios even at high water vapour concentrations in the sample gas
  • High inlet dew points up to 80 °C possible
  • Reliable condensate separation even at very high ambient temperatures up to 50 °C
  • Extremlely precise long-term stable dew point even under varying loads
  • Maximum operational safety
  • Low maintenance operation
  • Easy to maintain design
  • Extractive gas analysis
  • Emission and process monitoring
  • Continuous drying of sample gas to a precise low and constant outlet dew point
  • Minimises water vapour cross sensitivities and volumetric errors


ModelJCM-320 / 321JCM-322 / 323
Performance of sample gas coolerstandardhigh-performance
Cooling principlePeltier cooling
Number of gas paths2
Number of Peltier elements per active gas paths12
Integrated condensate pump (option)1 or 2
Integrated condensate monitoring (option)1 or 2
Digital temperature display (option)1 or 2
Gas flow per gas path*max. 250 Nl/hr
Gas inlet temperature*max. 140 °C; SS heat exchanger: max. 180 °C
Gas inlet dew point*max. 80 °C
Gas outlet dew point5 °C (factory default); adjustable from 0,5 °C to 7,5 °C
Dew point stability
(for constant inlet conditions)
Ambient temperature5° to 40 °C5° to 50 °C
Cooling capacity totamax. 30 Wmax. 60 W
Operating pressure with condensate pump0,2 to 2,2 bara
Max. operating pressure without condensate pump4,0 bara; SS heat exchanger: max. 19 bara
Ready for operation< 15 min
Pressure drop at max. flow rate3 mbar
Dimensions over all (W x H x D)390 x 348 x 212 mm
Installationwall mounting
Mounting positionhorizontal
Weight**approx. 13,3 kg
Housing / Colourstainless steel / natural
Gas wetted materials (depending on configuration)aluminium coated, PVDF, 1.4571, FFKM, Duran glass
Dead volume per gas path67 ml
Connection sample gas and condensate outlet
with condensate pump
PVDF-hose fitting DN 4/6
Condensate outlet without condensate pump1/4“NPTf or 3/8“NPTf
Approvals / SignsCE
Power supply230 VAC 50/60 Hz +/- 10 % or 115 VAC 50/60 Hz +/- 10 %
Power consumption
(depending on load and ambient temperature)
60….510 VA
Connection powerplug CEE 7/7 to IEC plug, 2,0 m cable
Protection class (in default mounting position)IP 20 (EN 60529)
Fusinglead fuse T2A
On time100 %
Diagnostic / Operation indicator1 to 4 x bicolour-LED**
Status threshold< 0 / > +10 °C
Status delay0,5 s
Status relayvolt free contact, 230 VAC / 2 A, min. 5 VADC / 5 mA
Connection terminals / Clamping rangespring type terminals 0,5 mm2
to 2,5 mm2
Threshold condensate detectorfactory setting 12 kΩ
adjustable 2 to 30 kΩ



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