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Cyclops L

Cyclops L Portable pyrometers are a range of premium quality, highly accurate hand-held instruments. Ergonomic single-handed use non-contact thermometers, provide easy, accurate point-and-measure temperature readings.

Easy to handle, simple to operate, Cyclops L portable non-contact pyrometers provide precise temperature measurements. Easily take measurements in multiple locations and verify online pyrometer readings. Durable, yet lightweight construction means you can operate it for hours at a time without fatigue.

Designed for single-handed use, Cyclops L’s high-resolution lens sighting and an ergonomic one-handed use design, make it simple for you to take safe, accurate temperature readings in hostile environments where you will have a spare hand to steady yourself.

With four, trigger-controlled data-logging modes available, Cyclops L stores up to 9,999 readings internally. Later the recorded data can be transferred via Bluetooth or USB to a PC running free Cyclops Logger software to view, analyze the temperature readings.

Several models are available for the specific process challenges of liquid metal, high temperature, medium-temperature, and furnace applications, Cyclops L provides highly accurate temperature measurements for the glass, hydrocarbon processing, industrial processing, and steel industries.

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