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Lancom 200

A portable monitoring device using conductive cell technology for accurate, periodic measurements of the Acid Dewpoint Temperature (ADT) in combustion processes. 

Designed specifically to provide the unique but vital measurement of sulphuric acid dewpoint temperature, the portable Lancom 200 supports boiler efficiency checks, corrosion protection, and the management of high-cost fuel additives.

Easy-to-use ADT monitoring lets boiler operators balance acid emissions with efficiency, reducing the risk of corrosion in the boiler and wasted heat/fuel. This lowers operational costs and reduces harmful sulphate aerosol emissions.

Incorporating 40 years of AMETEK Land’s application expertise, Lancom 200 obtains an accurate reading in minutes. By generating a measurable current when sulphuric acid forms on the conductive cell, it makes a direct measurement for ADT.

Specially developed for plants requiring only periodic monitoring of sulphuric acid dewpoint temperature for boiler efficiency, the Lancom 200 is suitable for applications in the hydrocarbon processing and power generation industries.

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