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Best in class Gas Mixer with unique sonic nozzle technology

The Sonimix 2106 is a gas mixer mainly used to calibrate and linearize gas monitors and to generate specific gas mixtures.

The Sonimix 2106 is based on the principle of gas flow through sonic nozzles and is built according the ISO 6145/6 standard. The sonic nozzle principle makes it the most accurate and stable device on the market. It generates binary mixtures from 0 to 100% in fixed steps in a pure mechanical process without electronic regulation and without any influence from ambient pressure or temperature.

The touch-screen LCD interface provides simple and user-friendly management of all functions on the unit.
Optional Auto Diagnostic functions for a quick check of the instrument performances (patented) is available.
Optional Nox converter tester.

Proven metrological performances – Optional ISO 17025 calibration reports will be delivered by LNI’s accredited laboratory. In this way the device can be easily linked with National Standards (NIST, METAS, UKA, etc)

The touch-screen LCD interface provides simple and user-friendly management of all functions on the unit.

All models make automatic calculations in the function of the used gases types. The Sonimix 7100 is totally compatible with the US EPA methods and can be easily linked with National Standards (NIST, METAS, UKAS…)

Each mass flow controller is factory calibrated in 10 points by a traceable primary standard.

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Main advantages:

✔ Fulfilment of ISO 14481 standard CEM (QUAL 1 to QUAL 3)

✔ ISO 6145/6 standards

✔ High accuracy (0.5% rel.) and stability (0,2% rel.)

✔ Constant gas flow and pressure

✔ No break-in times

✔ Up to 1024 programmable calibration points.

✔ Low maintenance

✔ Cost savings – Reduce gas cylinders costs

✔ Corrosive gases can be used with the optional SilcoNert © coating

✔ Safe – Smart purge routine

✔ Remote control

✔ Ergonomic with LCD display

  • Quality control of gas monitors in the laboratory
  • Gas analysers and sensors production
  • To generate accurate gas standards and mixtures for R&D purpose
  • Automotive industry for engine test benches
Model: SONIMIX 21062106-10 2106-162106-642106-1282106-22106-2
General Data
Dilution points1016641282561024
Dilution principleSonic nozzles (according ISO 6145-6) and high precision pressure regulators
Sonic nozzles (according ISO 6145-6) and high precision pressure regulators< 0.25 % of set point
Source gas line flow accuracy< 0.25 %
Repeatability on flow< 0.1 %
Accuracy on concentration (rel)< 0.5 % on the highest dilution ratio
Repeatability on concentrationBetter than 0.14% relative
Response time< 15 sec
Auto DiagnosticDiagnostic of pressure regulator, valve opening, nozzle functioning, drift
Factory calibrationBy laminar flow with uncertainty < 0.2% of reading
Warm up timenone
Operating temperature15°C – 40°C
Dimensions19″ 3HE/84 TE , 500mm deep
portable casing in option
Net weightNet weight
Gas Inlet Requirements
Dilution gasRequires dry Air, Nitrogen or other gas, 2 ports
Dew point-40°C
Source gascompatible with corrosive gases up to 10% (if option installed), up to 12 ports
Pressure3 + 0.3 bar rel
Fittings3x Swagelok 1/4″ (Air, Nitrogen, Span gas), optional up to 3x Swagelok 1/4″
per instrument
Gas outlet requirements
Flow2.5 + 0.25 L/min (other flow rate upon request) adjustable by by-pass valve in front of the instrument
Pressureup to 1 bar rel (other pressure upon request)
Fittings4x Swagelok 1/4′ (Mixture, Waste, Purge)
R$ 232Standard
Ethernet TCP/IPStandard
Electrical data
Power supply voltage230V/50-60H7
Installed power (Max)150W
NOx converter tester (option)
NO, range15 to 50 ppm / 30 to 100 ppm / 300 to 1000 ppm, all at 2.2 NL/min
Stabilization timeLess than 1 min (once the device has warmed up)
Inlet fittings2 x Swagelok (NO, air) 1/4″
Outlet fittings2 x Swagelok (outlet, purge) 1/4″


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