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Model 4010M Gas Dilution Calibrator

Model 4010M

The Model 4010M is a simple, but powerful Intelligent Multi-gas Dilution Calibrator that can easily perform gas dilution, multi-source gas blending, ozone generation, and gas phase titration (GPT = NO + O3 => NO2) for environmental, laboratory, or point source monitoring.

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The Multi-gas system is designed to be either sequence based (gases are established, gases are assigned to source input ports, desired dilution flow defined, and output concentrations are established), or the unit can be manually controlled by the operator from the status window. Flexibility, without complicated menu systems or restrictions allow the operator to fully control the calibrator for various applications.


Users can easily navigate the menu system for setup or to check various parameters while the unit is idle or actively running. Flexibility allows any operator to easily start or stop an operation sequence, manually adjust flows while an operation is active, change ozone concentration, open/close source valves, manually purge the gas system while in operation, or view all active parameters from one simple status window. The status window will display the dilution of all gases present when using a multi-blend cylinder or the value of NO2 generated during GPT. Additionally, users can switch from one sequence to another without stopping the entire system for seamless transition during testing.


The Model 4010M calibrator uses embedded microprocessor technology to precisely deliver and control gas concentrations along multiple curve fits to linearize the desired output for the intended application. The pneumatic system uses Mass Flow Controllers (MFC’s) to precisely meter gas streams and implement multiple curve correction algorithms to deliver precise and repeatable concentrations.


The optional precision ozone generator allows the user to generate reliable, repeatable, and stable ozone for calibrating ozone analyzers or for creating NO2 using gas phase titration for NOX analyzers. The stable and consistent ozone output eliminates the need for complicated and time-consuming ozone adjustments prior to GPT operation.


Users can measure the ozone concentration from the internal ozone generator with Sabio’s optional internal ozone photometer or measure external ozone sources by manually activating the photometer or setting the photometer to continuous monitor mode. Alternatively, the internal ozone photometer can be used to control the ozone output while actively measuring the concentration using the ozone servo control mode. The Sabio Multi-gas Dilution Calibrator design exceeds US EPA calibration method requirements. Dilution components are calibrated with standards and test equipment traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.





  • Diluent Mass Flow Controller, 0-10 SLM
  • Source Mass Flow Controller, 0-100 SCCM
  • 4 Calibration Gas Input Ports and 1 Purge Port
  • 5 Output Ports and 1 Vent Port
  • 1 Diluent Gas Input
  • Bright Active Matrix Color Display



  • 42-Button Membrane Keypad
  • 8 Bits Digital Input/Output (24 Bit optional)
  • 1 Serial Port for Data Communications
  • External PC keyboard Input Port
  • Centronics Parallel Printer Port
  • Air Source Control Port
  • RS-232, RS-485, USB and Modbus, DOT Commands



  • Standard 98-264 VAC, 150-300 VA, 50/60 Hz Operation



  • Alternate Diluent Mass Flow Controller, Ranges per user requirements
  • Alternate Source Mass Flow Controller, Ranges per user requirements
  • Second Source Mass Flow Controller, Ranges per user requirements
  • Additional Calibration Gas Input Ports
  • Multi-Source Blending
  • Permeation Port
  • Additional Output Ports
  • Internal Ozone Generator
  • Ozone Generator UV Optical Servo Control Loop
  • Internal Ozone UV Absorption Photometer
  • Internal Permeation Oven
  • Master Output Solenoid
  • Internal Instrument Solenoid Driver for External Valve Control
  • Rack Mount Kit
  • Ethernet TCP/IP, Modbus, DOT Commands
  • 24 Digital Inputs/Outputs
  • 12 Independent Timers for Sequences
  • Nested Sequences
  • MFC and Ozone Generator pressure sensors
                Specifications subject to change without notice
Dilution System
Input Dilution Gases1 Standard (2 Optional)
Input Source Gases4 Standard, 1 Purge, Optional 2 Additional
Dilution Mass Flow Controller0-10 SLPM, Optional 0-20 SLPM
Source Mass Flow Controller0-100 SCCM, 0-1000 SCCM
2nd Source Mass Flow Controller0-1000 SCCM
Flow Accuracy≤ ± 0.5% Full Scale
Flow Repeatability≤ ± 0.15% Full Scale
Linearity≤ ± 0.5% Full Scale
Input Pressure10 SLPM @ 30 PSI
Optional ranges: 20 SLPM @ 30 PSI
Output Manifold6 Outputs Standard, Optional 2 Additional
Optional Internal Ozone Generator
Output0 – 1000 ppb, Max – 6 ppm Flexcal
Accuracy± 1% of Set Point or ± 2 ppb @ 5 SLPM
Nominal Flow100 SCCM, ± 1 SCCM
UV Lamp Temperature50°C, ± 0.1°C
Optional UV Absorption Photometer
Standard Ranges0-0.5, 1.0, 2.0 ppm
Linearity± 1 ppb or 0.5% of full scale (greater of two)
Precision± 1 ppb
Zero Drift< ± 1 ppb for 24 hrs or 30 days
Flow Rate1 Liter (nominal)
Analog Output3 Ranges 5V, 1V, 100 mV
Response Time< 180 Seconds to 95% (system)
Optional Internal Permeation Oven
Chamber MaterialsGlass or Teflon
Chamber Size1 Perm Tube (Any Size)
Adjustable Temperature5° C Above Ambient Temperature to 65 °C
Temperature Accuracy≤ ± 0.1 ° C
Calibrator Interface
OperationManually (47-button keypad, keyboard, serial portts
Calibration Definitions20 USER-defined calibration sequences
Calibration TypesGas Dilution, Ozone, GPT
Gas Definitions2 Diluent Gases, 20 Source Gas
Auto Calibrations20 timer driven cal routines that perform user- defined calibration sequences on a 7 day calendar of events
Digital Inputs24 status I/O bits for calibrator functions
Digital Input Typescontact closure or TTL logic
Digital Outputs24 status output bits for monitoring calibrator functions
CommunicationsRS232, Ethernet: 10/100Base-T, USB
Calibration System
Operating Temperature5 deg. C to 50 deg. C
Dimensions7.00” (17.8 cm) H x 17” (43.2 cm) W x 20” (50.8 cm) D
Base Unit Weight30 lbs. (13.6 kg)
Input Voltage90- 264 VAC, 150-300 VA, 50/60 Hz operation


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