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Model 2030 Portable Ozone Transfer Standard

The Model 2030 Portable Ozone Transfer provides an accurate and convenient means of measuring low levels of ozone in ambient air.
Using the Beer-Lambert law, ozone is measured in a single photometric cell by detecting the absorption of ultraviolet (UV) radiation from ozone molecules at a wavelength of 254 nm. Real-time comparison of the UV light intensity for the sample gas to the reference gas yields a precise concentration of ozone. The single cell design reduces the complexity of the ozone measurement and automatically eliminates zero drift.
Advanced, easy to use, menu-driven software allows access to sample conditions and diagnostics and the strip chart feature allows the user to view a time series plot for ozone readings.
The 2030 Portable Ozone Transfer offers a bright color display, data logging capability and advanced communications via Ethernet, USB and RS-232/485.

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