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Model 4010T Trace Level Gas Dilution Calibrator

Users can easily perform precise gas dilution, ozone, and gas phase titration
(GPT) calibrations with the Model 4010T Gas Dilution Calibrator. Enhanced with the latest technology, the Model 4010T was designed to set a new standard of quality
and performance for a variety of applications in ambient air monitoring including
trace levels, continuous emission monitoring (CEM), fugitive emissions, odor and process monitoring.
The Model 4010T calibrator uses embedded microprocessor technology to
accurately deliver and control gas concentrations, along with multiple curve fits to linearize the desired output for the intended purpose. The unit can be operated
manually or automatically to conduct calibrations or audits that exceed U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) method requirements.
Highly accurate mass flow controllers (MFC’s) along with an optional ultraviolet (UV) ozone generator and photometer ensure reliable, repeatable gas concentrations.
The Model 4010T can store 20 calibration sequences, with up to 20 concentration levels in each sequence. Local or remote operation is accomplished using the front panel keypad, external keyboard, RS-232 or Ethernet ports. Intuitive, menu driven software allows uncomplicated programmability and access to real-time diagnostics.

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